Legal Drugs?
February 21, 2012 | 06:49 AM

This "spice" is 10 times worst than marihuana..i cant believe its available everywhere and legal...gas stations and smoke shops should be prosecuted..its mind blowing how they can get away with nephew is in rehab right now because of this facing a charge of a felony for stuff that is sold right next to his house,kids think theres nothing wrong with it because its "legal" its legal to sell it in smoke shops and gas stationes next to pipes to promote the smoke of it but they get away with it because of a small label thats says "not for human consumption" THIS IS KILLING OUR YOUTH ..THE MEDIA NEEDS TO COVER THIS AND MAKE PARENTS REALIZE HOW BAD THIS IS. kids have died my nephew had experience extreme hallucinations..this DRUG IS KILLING AMERICA..we dont know what this is doing to his body...theres not enough research..this is eating their brains out..and it can happen to everyone to every kid..boy girl teenager..or young adult. WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING THIS IS GETTING REALLY SCARY and i pray the consequences are not life changing..we are devastated...WATCH YOUR KIDS..this stuff kills.