Thank you for your op/ed
January 13, 2012 | 12:36 PM

Thank you both for your seemingly fair reports this week. We have a sixth grade daughter who is thriving now at FSA but had many years of struggles at her other county school. She always had math difficulties, and is now doing advanced math. After the first week of school she cried tears if joy saying "I never knew it could be like this." Our daughter has now made the Honor Roll for her first semester in middle school! I took a job in August at a location just blocks from the school, planning for the next several years of the commute as we have another child that would attend.
> There are many other success stories like this that may appeal to the powers that be to reconsider. After all, it is about the kids. If you would like to report from our perspective please let me know if we can help.

Thank you,
April Saunders

April Saunders
North Fulton