Milton County NOW!!
January 05, 2012 | 08:51 PM

To this day, the Fulton County Commission STILL doesn't get it (Liz Hausmann does). The general populace of Fulton County residents--especially N. Fulton, feel under-represented (as proven by current district boundaries), used, neglected, taken advantage of, ripped-off and over-taxed.
Now, these blood sucking leeches have drained all the options for money, and instead of looking for ways to trim their bloated, inefficient, unresponsive, entrenched bureaucracy, they turn to their ATM--the taxpayer.
Would the Commission please get your head out of your keister and look at the foreclosure rate, unemployment rate, the rate of under-water properties in Fulton, and the hurting economy and consider that now is NOT THE TIME to turn to property owners to satisfy your warped sense of entitlement to the people's money?
Please....GET REAL!!

Just Nasty & Mean
Johns Creek