Build and support a statue of of Responsibility and Accountabili
November 25, 2011 | 08:23 PM

Freedom without also emphasizing responsibility is not working so well, as you can see daily in the news by the many examples of abuses of unchecked freedom. While I don't agree with the all of the author's conclusions, he nevertheless points out that accountability should not just occur for one group in society, there is plenty of corporate welfare abuses going on as well. So perhaps the best way to administer the tests would be at all levels in an efficient and workable way without humiliating those who are truly trying to better their lives.The drug of choice may not be chemical in nature for white collar criminals, but may nevertheless be some type of drug, like money and power. Abuses which also harm the tax payers and common good these leaders promised to serve. Victor Frankl and others understood this, and thought that the Statue of Liberty should be accompanied with a statue of Responsibility on the West Coast. Please find and "like" the "Virtual Statue of Responsibility" Facebook page if you wish to show support and make a commitment yourself to live the message you wish to see in the world.