Bad Enough Already
November 23, 2010 | 04:35 PM

Most people in this situation are perhaps not as fortunate as you. Most of us long since lost any hope of financial security, among the pushy mean people demanding all of our excess cash, whether it is the raiseswe never got because they went to a friend of the boss class who was "more deserving", "would leave if he didn't get it", or we were just not mean enough to say no to the doctor or pharmacy demanding our last cent for some treatment or medication for our children, being pushed by big pharma. Most of use don't have the choice of staying in and waiting it out. BTW if you were professionally into software ... it ain't ever coming back. This is the tenth year I have been looking for a job in software or technology. They are just not out there, and probably never will be again, especially if you are as old as we are. Get out. Go to church. DO SOMETHING! Don't wait till your money runs out to become important to someone else.


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