Take on Monson
November 07, 2010 | 09:10 AM

I wasn't decided on the city council race until I pulled into the community center across from Zaxby's on Rucker Rd. Looked like Monson had his kids (or someone's kids) all but blocking the entrance waving their Monson signs at folks coming in to vote.

This was around 6:00, so the lot was full of folks trying to get in to vote before the polls closed at 7:00.

An SUV near the entrance catches my eye because it is parked diagonally across two parking spaces with Monson stickers all over it.

I know all the candidates observed the no-campaign boundary, but it still seems in extraordinary bad taste to stand within inches of the boundary. And taking up two spaces, even though far away from the door, is really bad form.

I'm glad to see Jim Payne beat him also

Vic Shoup

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