unemployement is scary, lonly and depressing -- But it all passe
October 29, 2010 | 03:35 PM

I read your post and totally understand your feelings as well as what you are going through. Yourself worth as a professional or a contributor to your family hits a rock bottom, your friends seem to stop talking to you, and there is no end in sight for this economic drought.
I have been unemployed a total of three times from 2006 till 2009; twice because of lay-offs and once because I quit the job before I found another. Each time I did the same thing as you and worked the internet, network, and phones for jobs and stressed about my wife or I becoming ill and needed medical help. What savings I had I burned through and it looked like there was nothing in sight.. But I made it through each one of them. It was dumb luck and just calling around to old connections. So it does pass eventually. Stay persistent, keep some sense of hope and it will pass.
You’re right to tell us all to be grateful about having a job because I am. I do not gripe about my current job because I am the lucky few who have one. I have learned that I have to do more to keep myself financially secure then savings, 401K and a daytime job. But also appreciate the little things I can do when I do have a job like pay bills, eat out on occasion, and see movies (in the theater or rentals).
So Ms Hasting good luck and it will pass.


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