Connecting with decision makers

by Dick Jones

May 26, 2014

How are you getting access to decision makers to sell your product or service?

Is it taking you a long time to meet with someone who can give you a purchase order?

Have you spent countless hours talking with people who have no authority to buy from you?

Gaining access to decision makers quickly is an important component to not only winning more business, but also getting business quicker.

Depending on your customer profile, you may have immediate access to decision makers.

For example, if you are selling to consumers who visit your place of business, you literally are talking with the buyer.

Thatís the easiest access youíll get.

However, if youíre selling in a business-to-business environment, youíll often have to navigate from lower positions in the organization until you reach someone who can make a decision.

A study conducted by the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School concluded that the easiest way to gain access to decision makers is to have someone who reports to them bring you there.

In other words, if you can convince a direct report of a decision maker that itís in their best interest to introduce you to their boss, youíll be quickly talking to a decision maker.

When plotting your course to gain access to decision makers, study the companyís organization chart.

Itís far easier to gain access to lower level resources, show them what value youíll provide and have them take you to the decision maker.

And when youíre talking to the decision maker, youíll be getting more business.

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