Victim confronts stranger in car in Cumming

by Staff Reports

February 06, 2014

CUMMING, Ga. ó A man walked outside to find someone rummaging through his car, according to a Cumming Police report.

At about 6:30 p.m. Feb. 2, a customer of Taco Mac, 2775 Market Place Boulevard, told deputies he saw legs dangling out of his Ford truck.

He said he walked over and confronted the stranger. They began arguing, and the stranger allegedly shoved the man.

Then, the stranger ran on foot toward a nearby store, eventually circled around and got into a truck that looked similar to the victimís.

The man described the stranger as a tall heavy-set male with short black hair.

He said the stranger was probably intoxicated.

Deputies said it was possible the stranger mistook the victimís truck as his own, because they are the same make and model with only a few years difference in between.