Angry father issued ‘warning’ in Cumming

by Staff Reports

January 13, 2014

CUMMING, Ga. — When a woman failed her driver’s test, her father became upset and drove off enraged, according to a Cumming Police incident report.

At about noon Jan. 4, officers were dispatched to the Department of Driver Services, 400 Aquatic Circle, because a man was honking his horn and behaving inappropriately.

A DDS employee told officers the man’s daughter had failed her driving test after she came to a sudden stop on the road and was almost rear-ended by another car.

After she failed, the father grew angry and loud, the report stated.

Then, they got into their car and drove away. The father was behind a car being driven by a woman taking her driver’s test and a DDS tester.

The DDS tester said a man in a white car got behind them, followed very closely and started honking his horn. He continued to follow them while on the road test and almost “side-swiped them.”

The man finally passed them, and the DDS tester indentified the man as the angry father.

As he passed, he gave them “the finger” and drove away.

Officers later located the father, and he admitted to giving them “the finger” and being upset at DDS for failing his daughter.

Officers issued him a criminal trespass warning.