4 Ďlifestyleí features sellers should highlight

by Bob Strader

September 08, 2013

Youíve cleaned, de-cluttered and spruced up your home. The kitchen looks fantastic and the landscaping is perfect. But donít overlook the everyday features of your home. These are lifestyle features that can help a buyer see how they might actually live in your home.

These differences can be small, even subtle, but are aspects of a home that impact everyday life. Here are four ďlifestyleĒ features sellers can highlight:

Storage space/organizing systems

This may seem very subtle, but think about your three kids and all the cleats, bats, lacrosse sticks and sports bags hanging in that sports rack you have in the garage. Now think about all that equipment laying on the point exactly!

Mud rooms

These are multi-functional spaces. A place for everything and everything in its place. The kidsí backpacks, dirty shoes, gloves and scarves, that case of wine you havenít broken into yet.

Flex spaces

This could be a place upstairs where you imagine you are Martha Stewart and have 42 rolls of ribbon for crafting. Or that space in the basement you use as a workshop, or a craft room for re-finishing furniture. Itís where your son decided to rebuild your wifeís bike and put a motor on it...yeah, you know what Iím talking about.

Outdoor spaces

Deck space, outdoor fireplaces, covered porches. Any place you can take the inside outside. Itís also where youíll break into that case of wine in the mud room.

Bob Strader is a local realtor with The NORTH Group of Keller Williams Realty. More information can be found on his blogs or or email him: