Cop card program sponsored by Jr. Womanís Club

by Jonathan Copsey

June 18, 2013

ROSWELL, Ga. Ė The Roswell Police Department was presented a check for $1,000 from the Roswell Junior Womanís Club (RJWC) to sponsor the police departmentís Officer Trading Card program. Initially, seven officers will receive 1,000 cards. The front side will have the name and photograph of the officer, and the reverse side will be a brief biography and a personal message. The trading card program is designed to foster a strong relationship with the community, especially the youth, by encouraging the public to learn more about their police departmentís officers.

The Roswell Junior Womanís Club is a volunteer organization made up of women from Roswell and the surrounding areas who are dedicated to serving their community. The club annually provides more than 2,500 volunteer hours and $10,000 for community projects. RJWCís annual fundraiser is the Colors Festival of Arts every Motherís Day weekend at Roswell Town Square.

The police departmentís goal is to provide cards for all the officers through public funding. When the program is in full force, children will be able collect the police trading cards by approaching an officer, writing an individual officer a letter or by making a request through the departmentís Facebook page. Roswell youths will also have an opportunity to meet some of the police staff as they visit the schools throughout the community.