Leaving effective, concise voicemails

by Dick Jones

April 29, 2013

Are you leaving a lot of voicemails prospecting for new customers on the phone? Do they return your calls? Are you getting frustrated that you are spending a lot of time on the phone, and donít have much to show for your efforts?

Leaving effective voicemails is both an art and a science, but following this advice will get you more returned calls.

It is critical that any voicemail you leave is concise, to the point and not long-winded. In our busy business world, not one wants to wait for you to get to the point. But letting people know who you are and why you are calling is simply not enough.

Why should they return your call? Whatís in it for them? If you canít convey this in less than 30 seconds, donít sit there and wait for them to call you back.

The key to leaving a voicemail that will be returned is making sure itís personal and offering something of value. Itís about making sure youíve done your homework about the person youíre calling before picking up the phone. How many cold call voicemails are returned? Not many.

Make sure you donít sound like an answering machine when you leave your voicemail. Change your tone, donít talk at the same pace and emphasize your points by pausing. And donít forget to slow down when you leave your phone number. Leaving effective voicemails will get you more return calls, and more return calls increase the potential for more business.