Council approves house demolition to make way for Miltonís public safety facility


February 12, 2013

MILTON, Ga. — On Feb. 4, the Milton City Council unanimously approved the demolition of a building to make way for the city’s future public safety facility.

Strickland Pipeline and Construction will demolish the white house off 13690 Ga. 9.

The house is owned by the city.

“It’s just that house,” Public Works Director Carter Lucas said. “We’re clearing it out for the future public safety facility.”

The demolition project was first brought to the council Jan. 23.

After Strickland removed the metal roof, the original shingle roof was unexpectedly found and officials wanted to test the property’s asbestos levels.

The addendum was to include the removal of the original shingle roof off the property.

The new public safety building will house the fire, police and court administrations.

City leaders said last month that groundbreaking is projected to begin in the first half of this year, but have not given a specific date.


“With more units on the scene, it will hopefully also increase our response time,” Milton Fire Chief Robert Edgar said.

Both issues were unanimously approved. Mayor Joe Lockwood was absent. Councilman Bill Lusk served as mayor pro tem.