Mayor asks support of Roswell bond referendum

November 02, 2012

After casting your ballot for president Nov. 6, please vote to approve Roswell’s request to borrow $14.7 million. 

This loan will fund:

This is the second time in the 15 years I have served as mayor that I have asked the citizens of Roswell for approval to borrow money to invest in their hometown. The first was in 2000, when the voters approved a $32 million bond. Of that, $30 million funded the purchase of 400 acres of parkland and $2 million was used to build a new fire station on Holcomb Bridge Road.

That debt will be paid off in 2014, which allows the city to borrow $14.7 million without raising taxes.

Roswell is your city. The money borrowed will be invested to make your hometown a better place to live. 

This investment will reduce traffic congestion, give our children more places to play, provide care and comfort to our seniors and improve public safety and emergency response.

Vote YES Nov. 6 to investing in Roswell.


Mayor of Roswell