Downtown Cumming

November 02, 2012

Dear Editor:

I have been disappointed for years about the downtown Cumming area. This is such a beautiful area, and I always envisioned a town center or village like Dahlonega, historic Roswell or Norcross combined with the modern pedestrian malls like the Avenue and Vickery Village. It would be wonderful if it were safe for nighttime strolls with great restaurants, a piano bar and/or theaters while still maintaining the rural small town feel. Itís time for Cumming to grow and generate more taxes/income for the county.

I also agree it would be beneficial to have a college in the area. In this economy, many adults would like to continue education or make college more affordable for parents and students that cannot afford to go away.

Possibly from there, we could add some office complexes and lure more businesses to the area. This could lessen the commute south for many residents.

Thanks for the question,

Peggy Franco