Be sure to vote. For America

by Jonathan Copsey

November 01, 2012

It may seem odd that this column is appearing in the paper a full week before the election, but for many of our readers, this issue will be the last one before Nov. 6.

I donít care what party you are in or what issues you support (or not), not voting really should not be an option. Itís like watching a football game but not rooting for either team. Whatís the point?

Similarly, not voting shows you just donít care about the country around you, and youíre not invested in where itís headed.

I find it curious how the basic tenet of our nation Ė the right to vote Ė isnít held in more esteem. It was the founding principle of our democracy and set us apart from all other countries. Itís the one saving grace when someone we donít like gets into office Ė if heís no good, in four years we can vote him out. It makes politics bearable. And yet many, many people donít bother to even register to vote, let alone actually attempt it.

And itís so easy! If you canít get away Nov. 6, election officials have made it simple to vote. Thereís absentee voting and early voting, which have been going on for weeks now. Thereís still time to vote early!

Maybe if we made election day a holiday more people would vote? Or maybe even fewer would, instead going out to party or sleep in or whatever else people do on their day off. Iím not sure. For this year, at least, thatís not an option. Maybe next time?

In North Fulton, the Ocee Library is open for early voting until 7 p.m. Nov. 2. It opens at 7 a.m. and allows voting each weekday. See how easy they make it for people to vote?

So get out there and vote!