Beauty and the Bike: Week Three

by Kellie Jureka

October 22, 2012

This will be my third week of the Bike to Work Challenge. For those of you who donít know, the Bike to Work Challenge runs through the entire month of October. Itís exactly what it sounds like Ė Iíll be riding my bike the three miles to work and back for another 10 days.

So, I have a pretty easy ride. Only three miles and not too many hills Ė and did I mention the ride home is gorgeous? Iíve been writing about this for a few weeks and I donít think Iíve gushed over the beautiful trees on Cumming Street in Alpharetta. Riding down those sidewalks reminds me of riding my bike with my friends and my brother as a kid. Itís amazing. But to make it better, I had to ride my bike home at lunch the other day and the sun was high in the sky and fall rushed up to meet me the entire way. The colors and the smells made that trip the most incredible experience.

Luckily, I havenít had any bad experiences Ė except that one little fall the first day, but weíll pretend that didnít happen. I did have a very interesting experience the other day, though. I was almost to work one morning and I saw a little squirrel next to the sidewalk, so I slowed down to let him figure out which direction he wanted to try to escape. But that isnít the interesting part. The poor little guy waited a bit too long and when he went to jump across the sidewalk, he landed on my foot. He only stayed there for about a second or two before he jumped right back off and scurried into the woods. It all happened so quickly, I didnít realize what had just happened until he was completely out of sight. It was precious. I was incredibly excited about it all day.

Keep an eye out for next weekís installment of Beauty and the Bike to see if I have any other exciting encounters. I do have a couple of other little stories up on my Facebook page Ė Beauty and the Bike. Several people have commented on them and given me advice. Especially Alpha Bikes, who has not only lent me a bike this month, but who has continued to offer their help, support and encouragement throughout my endeavor. To be honest, Iím going to be a little sad when I go back in there to return the bike at the end of the month.