New Montessori school opening in August
Caters to Milton area families

by Nick Burgess

August 10, 2011

MILTON, Ga. — A new Montessori school is set to open in early to mid-August. Montessori Scholars Academy is located at 13100 Morris Road in Milton.

The owner of the school, Dr. David Shokoohi Ph.D, is a former educator and has 30 years of experience in the field. His new school is set to open in Milton because of the way the area looks.

“The land we are building on was an eyesore, and the residents of this area do not deserve that. It had a rusty roof, rusty siding and was ugly in such a beautiful area. The area is nice, and they deserve a nice, private school,” said Shokoohi.

The construction for the building has not been smooth sailing.

“It was difficult for us to get a loan here,” said Shokoohi. “That is why it has taken us nearly four years to build our school.”

Shokoohi also looked for the best educators when selecting the new staff for his school.

“Our staff is all certified with teaching accreditations, in addition to being accredited with Montessori International Accreditation,” said Shokoohi. “We understand teaching is very important to a student’s success. It’s about the curriculum, but it is also about how that curriculum is implemented.”

Shokoohi not only looked at the quality of the education when building his school, but also the quality of the building itself.

“Our building is essentially two stories, which means there is more air in the building for our students. This lowers their chances of getting asthma or allergies at a young age,” said Shokoohi. “We have also installed the best air filters we could find to assist the students even more.”

For more information, contact Montessori Scholars Academy at 404-952-4425 or visit it at 13100 Morris Road in Milton.