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Armed man robs gas station in Forsyth County

December 21, 2013
CUMMING, Ga. — A masked man with an "automatic style firearm" went into a gas station and took the money in the cash register, according to a Forsyth County Sheriff's incident report.

At about 11 p.m. Dec. 10, deputies were dispatched to Texaco, 740 Atlanta Highway, because of an armed robbery.

When deputies arrived, the employee told them she was sitting behind the counter when a man, who looked about 30 years old, came in wearing a light blue ski mask, a dark hoodie and blue jeans.

He then pulled out an "automatic style firearm" and demanded money from the cash register.

The employee took out the cash and placed it into a plastic bag. She gave him the bag and he demanded she move to a storage room in the back of the building.

She said he raised his gun and directed her to stay in the storage room.

The armed robber fled the gas station on foot.

The employee said she did not know how much money the robber took.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Forsyth County Sheriff's Office incident report states "Automatic style firearm" I've changed this police blotter to reflect the incident report. An earlier version of this police blotter included the word "gun."

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  1. report print email
    "automatic?" Seriously?
    December 25, 2013 | 08:45 AM

    Twice in this article the term "automatic" is used. I seriously doubt that is correct. Was it a pistol? It has to be if he "pulled it out". That makes it a semi-automatic at best, versus a revolver-style pistol. If you're gonna report "facts", get them straight. Instead of "automatic gun" and "automatic firearm", neither of which is correct, why not just say "pistol"?

  2. report print email
    December 27, 2013 | 04:38 PM

    typical liberal media uninformed gun reports. Did the man fire the gun? Do you know the difference in "automatic" and semi-automatic? Clearly you do not. He would have needed to fire the weapon or have it recovered by the police to know it was "automatic". Typical biased media article. Do some research for a change before print time.

  3. report print email
    December 27, 2013 | 04:41 PM

    I know Hatcher does not care however; I actually pay to receive this paper. It would be refreshing to receive accurate and un-biased reporting. What a concept.

  4. report print email
    The reporter is only reporting the news...
    December 29, 2013 | 04:28 PM

    The clerk is the one who said it was an "automatic" gun according to the police. The reporter(s) involved with this story didn't just make it up.

    Yes, the main stream liberal media does everything within its power to hype gun hysteria, but this isn't one of them.

  5. report print email
    Really guys???
    January 02, 2014 | 09:03 AM

    A woman had a gun pointed at her and was probably traumatized but what we care about is the use of "automatic" vs " semi-" or "manual" or whatever else!!!

    Yeah its the Liberal media dude! THEY are the ones obsessed with gun hype! Just wondering... will a bullet from manual gun cause any less damage than a semi- or automatic?

    sam malone
  6. report print email
    Appen News- Liberal media?
    January 02, 2014 | 07:04 PM

    This paper is run by a self-announced, conservative republican who proudly conveys that he is a Conservative News Paper owner. Please spare us with the " Liberal News Media" baloney, take the tinfoil hat off and understand that an Automatic Style rifle is a description by someone that probably knows nothing about guns other than it looks like the ones our military carries. What's more concerning is that the robber got away, not the fact that he carried a gun. When's the last time a robber stole money without a gun? Don't those go hand-in-hand? Next thing you gun nuts will ask is why they mention a murder was committed with a gun. The only person coming for your gun is the guy robbing your house or your truck with the sticker advertising you have guns.

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