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A look from Main Street: Mayor Bodker deserves to know charges against him

October 04, 2013
I have the greatest affection for the residents of Johns Creek. You are our neighbors and our friends. But for me, it's even more personal.

You once supported me above two other choices for State Senate, giving me a strong majority of votes in Johns Creek. I lost that race, and in retrospect, I'm glad I did. But, you believed in me and in our message when most across North Fulton did not. It is the resulting affection that leads me to write this letter.

Now, because I am an Alpharetta resident, you are free to tell me to mind my own business. I would not blame you. Nevertheless, I am concerned. This present dilemma involving your city manager, City Council and Mayor Bodker does not serve you well. Admittedly, I do not even know the charges that have been levied against Mayor Bodker. But that's what concerns me most. The charge has not been told to the public or the accused.

In a civil case, a complaint is filed and served on the defendant. It becomes a matter of public record, and it is available for anyone to see.

The complaint states the injury to the person or property, and it details how the defendant is at fault. When information is requested from the defendant, it must be limited to evidence which furthers the claim. Likewise, in a criminal case, a defendant is made aware of the charge and the law he has allegedly broken. Subpoenas and warrants are then issued only after a showing that the search supports the charge. Not so here.

The pursuit of justice takes time, and it is accomplished in the full and transparent light of the burning sun. It does so because the pursuit must not become its own injustice. It does so because a person's rights, property and reputation hang in the balance.

Looking from over here on Main Street, this is not what I see. There have been no charges filed, no complaints levied. If a law has been broken, what law? If person or property has been injured, what person and what property? If justice is the goal, why the rush? In politics, timing is critical, but justice cares not that November is coming.

Here, we have accusers without accusations. We have urgency without a claimed injury. There is a search for evidence, but evidence in support of what? Due process has always been the bedrock of our republic.

An investigation without informing the investigated of the charge or the public for that matter does not meet with any standard of due process I've ever known. Having accusers without accusation and urgency without injury may reveal far more about the accusers than the accused. It breeds injustice and a city divided.

Running a city is hard work. To move the needle toward a better community will take every bit of sweat, leadership, vision and drive your leaders have. It is good work, but it's hard. It will require your entire council, mayor and staff working together in concert toward a common good. Johns Creek is a great, great city, but it has long been established that "any city or house divided against itself will not stand." Matthew 12:25.

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Tags: Community & Outreach

  1. report print email
    October 05, 2013 | 10:13 AM

    There ARE charges and complaints against Bodker. Why do you think this was started in the first place!That is why the city council needs the records. You can see some of the charges by going onto any website or newspaper.

    Johns Creek
  2. report print email
    What is the Charge?
    October 05, 2013 | 07:45 PM

    To Mars: I have seen NOTHING on any web site or newspaper specifying any charges.

    So tell us ... what are the charges?

    Enlighten us please.

    Concerned JC CItizen
    Johns Creek
  3. report print email
    I'm sorry....where?
    October 05, 2013 | 09:19 PM

    I'm sorry but.....where do you find where the charges specifically state what is being charged rather than just a general speculation. I'm with full agreement with Belle Isle.... Due process has not been shown or allowed and in the legal system this would not fly in any court of law. So agin I ask, please direct me to where/what website shows such info of this theatrical performance by a lousy council who is wasting our taxpayers dollars. I hope any if them (bev, Randall, Karen) don't dare speak to looking out for our money or lowering taxes because it is strictly against what they are doing. Ethics charge would cost the city and myself, a tax paying citizen NOTHING!

    30097 voter
    Johns Creek
  4. report print email
    Belle Isle is NOT a member
    October 06, 2013 | 02:48 PM

    Belle Isle is NOT a member of the Johns Creek community. he doesn't vote in the Johns Creek elections. He needs to keep his view points to himself and let him worry about his own city.

    Johns Creek
  5. report print email
    Bodker investigation
    October 06, 2013 | 02:52 PM

    Dear Concerned - Bodker knows full well what the pending charges are.

    It has been stated over and over on the news sites. Don't you read all the articles?

    He has used his personal phone to conduct city business, he has revealed private city council meeting information, his rental bills were suspicious, complaints have come in from the police about him, etc.

    Bodker needs to go, period!

    Johns Creek
  6. report print email
    To:Mars, Marsha t, anybody negative on all the social media
    October 06, 2013 | 09:53 PM

    So, to mars, Marsha t, and all those being negative about Bodker:

    Show me all your records, texts, emails, mortgages, leases, agreements, conversations, let me interview all those who know or have done business with you.

    Let me search your house without knowing what I'm looking for and then "TRY" to find something.

    Like Kelly said, let him who is without sin cast the first stone. What you and the council are doing and trying to manipulate the people of Johns Creek's mind is wrong.

    Justice will see the other side and may Mayor Bodker continue the positive things of Johns Creek. If the council thought he was so crooked, dishonest and deceitful, why did they work with him to create the city and want to serve the people, only to become a jealous council and waste taxpayers money on Bev Millers campaign investigation?

    The ones corrupt are the ones whose signs you see illegally placed, the ones who can't and won't speak the truth, and the ones who are truly the criminals - the city manager, the council and Bev Miller. Voice your concern johns creek and vote November 5 to change Johns creek for the better.

    Serious voter
    Johns Creek
  7. report print email
    Who is this guy!
    October 06, 2013 | 10:44 PM

    Keep your nose outta other city's business, David B. I.

    You have no right to comment on something you know absolutely nothing about.

    It would be like me commenting on rocket science. (Of which I know nothing)

    Go back to your own city's business.

    Johns Creek Resident
    Johns Creek
  8. report print email
    Bev Miller October 9th
    October 06, 2013 | 10:56 PM

    Bev Miller will be campaigning in Johns Creek October 9th at the Seven Oaks HOA Clubhouse from 7 to 8:30 PM.

    Maybe we can find out what the charges are against our mayor? Could she be making some big announcement at this meeting?

    Or at least maybe we can find out why she is so he11bent about having our mayor slandered before the upcoming election at the taxpayer expense! Bev has figured out a way to use more than $50,000 of taxpayer money to attack him while benefiting her campaign.

    That's the only crime I see so far.

    Concerned JC CItizen
    Johns Creek
  9. report print email
    Mars is NOT Being Truthful
    October 06, 2013 | 11:01 PM

    Hey Mars:

    1) Why can't you tell us what the charges are?

    2) Why are you attacking others that are asking that question?

    3) Why do you choose to hide the truth?

    Concerned JC CItizen
    Johns Creek
  10. report print email
    I would also like to ask Miller
    October 07, 2013 | 11:32 AM

    Why did Bev Miller wait until it was too late to put her council seat on this November's ballot before resigning? In addition to this investigation, she is costing the tax payers more for a special election. Is this so she can run for the seat again if she loses the mayoral race? I hope the citizens of Johns Creek won't elect her to anything.

    Another JC Citizen
    Johns Creek
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