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Marijuana grow house dismantled in Forsyth County

Search warrant results in arrests, discovery of 32 indoor marijuana plants

Robert Wesley Williams (click for larger version)

Melanie Dawn Phillips (click for larger version)

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February 12, 2013
FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — A couple has been arrested after a search warrant of their home yielded about 32 marijuana plants and an indoor grow home.

Arrested were Robert Wesley Williams, 52, of Cumming and Melanie Dawn Phillips, 58, of Roswell.

Williams was released Feb. 4 on a $11,110 bond and is scheduled to appear in Superior Court Feb. 18.

Phillips was charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. She was released on a $1,155 bond and is scheduled to appear in state court April 19.

The events that led to the marijuana grow house unfolded when Forsyth County Sheriff's Sgt. Richard Thompson pulled a car over about 11 p.m. on Feb. 3 on Ga. 400 near the intersection of Shiloh Road.

During the traffic stop, Thompson found some marijuana.

After further investigation, information led to Forsyth County Sheriff's Office Narcotics investigators securing a warrant for a home at 3250 Canon Bay, located off Buford Dam Road.

The home belonged to Williams.

Forsyth County Sheriff Duane Piper said the plants found in the basement of the home were between five-and-seven feet tall.

"We also discovered an unknown amount of marijuana buds that were drying and multiple pieces of equipment, such as lights and a filtering system that are used in an indoor grow house," Piper said.

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  1. report print email
    Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
    February 13, 2013 | 11:16 AM

    Law enforcement needs to re-direct its focus on those that are REAL crimes.

    I was in Federal Prison for 5 years for a marijuana offense. No, it was not for simple possession. I was arrested aboard a Lockheed PV2 in Marianna, Florida...charged and convicted for conspiracy to import and distribute 12,000 pounds of marijuana.

    As those 5 years rolled by, what I did see were armed bank robbers, coming and going...while I still sat there for marijuana. Most of the bank robbers only spent 17 to 24 months. But, I and my fellow 'drug offenders,'...we stayed for YEARS.

    I wrote about the escapades that led to my incarceration.
    I admit, I had a great time.
    No one was injured, no one was killed, firearms were not involved...there were no victims.

    We were Americans...doing what Americans do free.

    My book: Shoulda Robbed a Bank
    I think you may enjoy it...

    Hugh Yonn
    Ft Lauderdale, Florida
  2. report print email
    Refocus on the economy
    February 13, 2013 | 11:18 AM

    We are on the very edge of a monumental leap for mankind. Just as learning to make fire...the wheel...the bronze age...and the Industrial Revolution...brought to our civilizations tremendous progress...we are again at that point.

    The same advancements will come with the RE-legalization of cannabis, hemp, marijuana, pot...whatever you may choose to call it.

    This plant, and what may be produced from its many parts, will bring such changes into our world, that we will ALL move forward as a species. The benefits will affect all of mankind.

    Those of us alive and aware today, are going to be witnesses to life-changing improvements.

    We have some of the most fertile farm ground in the world. And the knowledge of how it may best be used.

    Let us make this happen!

    We are ready to make the jump to light speed.

    Please, don't stand in the way.

    Respectfully submitted for your consideration,
    Hugh Yonn

    Hugh Yonn
    Ft Lauderdale, Florida
  3. report print email
    i agree
    February 13, 2013 | 01:06 PM

    there needs to be a focus on actual crimes. this guy growing weed wasnt hurting anyone. the real reason he was busted and effort was used by the cops was because he wasnt paying the gubment any taxes. nobody cares if someone smokes pot, especially the govt. they're concerned because they arent getting any money from it. total waste of time

    henry rollin
  4. report print email
    It's Illegal, They are Just Doing Their Jobs
    February 13, 2013 | 04:59 PM

    While I may agree that marijuana shouldn't be illegal and that drug charges should not carry so much jail time, I get so tired of people complaining about law enforcement officers pursing drug offenders. They are ILLEGAL drugs at the moment; don't complain if you get arrested or detained by officers when you use these banned substances.

    I have never even tried pot because I knew I wanted to be a teacher from the time I was a high school student, and I understood it was important to set a good example for my students--not to mention being free of any type of criminal record.

    Also, if you are familiar with Forsyth county, you would know that crime rates are not all that high here, so our officers typically have the opportunity to pursue leads on any type of criminal activity they become aware of. It's not like they are ignoring robbers and murders to pursue drug users, dealers, or growers.

    Complain to your legislators, not about your law enforcement officers.

    Anna K.
    Cumming, GA
  5. report print email
    Waste of law enforcement time.
    February 14, 2013 | 08:37 AM

    The older I get the more I think all this focus on marijuana and sending people to jail for it is ridiculous. Police should focus their time on other things and pot should be legalized. I don't even smoke the stuff.

  6. report print email
    February 14, 2013 | 04:01 PM

    just doing there jobs eh? thats a pretty novice excuse. granted theres not much worse crime but at what cost? you cant be on the roads past midnight without a sheriff dupty tailgating just to see if you slip up. theres too many cops and not enough for them to do. now they have a shiny new jail that they need to fill. complete waste.

    henry rollins
  7. report print email
    Focus On Something More Productive
    February 19, 2013 | 06:26 PM

    Agree with everyone else... As a pharmacist working in the Atlanta area, I'm seeing a frightening problem with Rx abuse... robberies that ensue... families destroyed.

    Marijuana doesn't do nearly enough damage to people's lives as Rx abuse (addiction). Ever see a regular marijuana user? Ever see a regular oxycodone user? After you do, please tell me where the police efforts should be focused.

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