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Complainers refuse to leave restaurant in Cumming

by Staff Reports

February 22, 2014

CUMMING, Ga. — A man and a woman were asked to leave a restaurant, but they refused, according to a Cumming Police incident report.

On Feb. 5, an employee of Hardee's, 125 West Maple Street, told officers the subjects were asked five times to leave before they called 911. They left the store just before officers arrived.

The employee said she saw the couple come in about a month ago. They applied for jobs, and were told no positions were available.

Since then, the employee said they have come several times a week and bought food. Each time, they would bring the food back up to the counter and very loudly say they found hair in it.

She said up until then, they would remake the food. That day, the employees told the couple they were no longer going to be served there and were asked to leave.

The couple left. Police later issued the couple with criminal trespass warnings.