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Tiny Town teaches kids community
Alpharetta Church combines fun, learning

by Jonathan Copsey

February 12, 2014

It’s hammertime: Children hammer and saw a piece of foam. From left are Lawson Snowball, James Dugger, Landon Chetan and Mia Taheri.JONATHAN COPSEY/Staff.
A shave and a hair-cut, two bits! Tammy Dugger helps daughter Haley learn how to shave, using shaving cream and Popsicle sticks at the Tiny Town Barber’s Shop. JONATHAN COPSEY/Staff.
ALPHARETTA, Ga. Kindergartners at the Alpharetta Presbyterian Church Day School were given a tour of the town Feb. 4 and 5 as part of their Tiny Town program. Miniature storefronts and a City Hall kept the kids entertained while they learned about the places they might go during a day.

They could do everything from a landscaping business where they plant pansies, to a hardware store where they can hammer in plastic nails to a post office where they can make and send their own postcards.

"This gives the children a chance to learn more about their community and be involved," said Lara Moore, one of the organizers of Tiny Town, along with Ashley Edney and Crystel Patrick. "The stations encapsulate places where they might go."

For 20 years, APC has run a day school for kindergartners, and they have 124 kids currently.

For the last 10 years, APC has had Tiny Town, allowing children to learn about the stores and people they might come into contact with, while also having fun.

Along with the stores, members of the Alpharetta Public Safety Department helped teach safety.

"They learn how and when to dial 911 and what to do in a fire," said Officer Vincent Johnson with the Alpharetta Public Safety Department. Johnson, Officer John Allen and Deputy Fire Marshall John Kepler showed the kids safety tips and made sure to give out coloring books and stickers.

"This is an interactive learning activity," said Nancy Fain, day school director. "It gives the parents the opportunity to be a part of the program. They can go into these storefronts that are child-sized and explore them."