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Man threatens store in Cumming over candy

by Staff Reports

December 13, 2013

CUMMING, Ga. — When a woman was denied the return of a box of candy, her father intervened and allegedly threatened the store, according to a Forsyth County Sheriff's incident report.

The store owner of the Chocolaterie, 410 Peachtree Parkway, told deputies Dec. 5 a man was threatening to do harm to her store. She said a woman came into the store and bought a $70 box of candy.

About 10 minutes later, the woman came back and wanted to return the candy.

The owner said their policy does not allow the return of food items, so the woman left. Then, the owner said she got several calls from a man who threatened to do bodily harm to her and her store.

Deputies contacted the man. He said his daughter tried to return a box of candy, but the store would not comply.

He said his daughter never left the store, and he wanted his money back. The father said he was contacting his credit card company and cancelling the transaction.

The man also said he threatened to do harm to the store and not to the owner.

Deputies told the man there was a possibility his daughter left the store, and they could review the video surveillance.

The man said they had no right and that the deputies were not a part of mall security.

He said he wanted to contact a member of the Sheriff Command Staff and have him come to the store to address the issue.

Deputies said he was more than welcome to bring a member of command staff.

The owner voided the sale and returned the funds back to the man.