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North Fulton residents in Boston react to bombings

by Jonathan Copsey

April 15, 2013

NORTH FULTON, Ga. – At least 30 runners form North Fulton and Forsyth County were scheduled to run in Monday's 117th Boston Marathon, when several bombings rocked the finish line, killing three and wounding more than 100.

Local residents in or near the race spent the day getting into contact with friends and relatives.

One Johns Creek man had crossed the finish line minutes before the first bomb went off.

“We are OK,” wrote Cady Gray-Murray of Johns Creek, in an email. She was at the race with her husband, Dennis Murray. “Dennis had just passed the finish line about 10 minutes before the blast and I was three blocks away when the explosions went off. We we hustled out of the area...We will be home tomorrow.”

Ashley Brechtel, of Alpharetta, was visiting family in Boston, and had spent the day sightseeing with her brother and his family. He had just returned from Afghanistan. Their group was only blocks away from the finish line when the blasts hit.

“We were headed right there,” she said. “We heard both the explosions go off and crowds of people started going towards us.”

She said, since Boston was celebrating “Patriot's Day” and had set off cannons earlier to commemorate it, she initially thought the explosions were more cannon fire.

She, her family and friends all made it out of the city fine, but are still reeling from it all.

“We're pretty shaken up but we're OK,” she said. “It's crazy watching the news and you were right there. It was such a pretty day. Everybody was so happy today.”

Local residents who were to run in the 2013 Boston Marathon


Blenis, Alec 18 M Roswell

Cooper, Colleen 32 F Roswell

Hendry, Stacey E. 41 F Roswell

Jenkins, Karen 52 F Roswell

Kelderhouse, Amy 27 F Roswell

Lenahan, Joseph J 66 M Roswell

Quarles, Florencia M. 30 F Roswell

Sarphie, John P 44 M Roswell

Stephenson, Ben W 23 M Roswell

Webb, Yvette 48 F Roswell


Betts, Danette L 48 F Alpharetta

Coco, Edward M. 48 M Alpharetta

Hays, Shannon R. 35 F Alpharetta

Hurd, Stacey 45 F Alpharetta

Kimber, Rebecca 39 F Alpharetta

Louw, Ingrid L. 40 F Alpharetta

Noori, Sina C. 46 F Alpharetta

Paine, Christi 45 F Alpharetta

Pufall, Matthew 30 M Alpharetta

Ruark, Richard G 50 M Alpharetta

Saxby, Holly S 38 F Alpharetta

Thomson, Kenneth J 45 M Alpharetta


Hirschi, Kenneth 47 M Milton

Hirschi, Linda R. 45 F Milton

Seale, Diane 56 F Milton


Anglade, Ronald E. 42 M Johns Creek

Butcher, Kelley A. 46 F Johns Creek

Massie, Jason 44 M Johns Creek

Murray, Dennis C. 61 M Johns Creek

Skalka, David H. 40 M Johns Creek


Bartholomew, Amy B. 38 F Cumming

Blackford-Noonan, Rhonda 45 F Cumming

Gillette, Jonathan 46 M Cumming

Griffith, Amy J 55 F Cumming

Salvador, Natalie I 32 F Cumming

Semanson, Laura 49 F Cumming

Sweet, Shane V. 35 F Cumming

Taylor, Tod 47 M Cumming

Westerby, Virginia 37 F Cumming

*Source: 2013 Boston Marathon entry list