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Forsyth County resident Alec Roeser films satirical music video at local pub in Cumming


April 09, 2013

Alec Roeser during the filming of his video.KERRY GRAY.
Alec Roeser reviews film with his videographer, Kerry Gray.CAITLYN WALTERS.
Kerry Gray films Alec Roeser pulling up to Good O’l Days in an eye-catching ride.CAITLYN WALTERS.
CUMMING, Ga. — For his latest satirical music video, artist Alec Roeser chose Good Ol' Days, the popular Irish Pub and Grill off Atlanta Highway.

As a long time resident of Forsyth County, Roeser describes Good Ol' Days as a place to have fun and meet people in the community.

"I know so many people who work and go here," Roeser said. "I felt it appropriate to advertise for them and for myself."

Roeser said he wrote his comedy song, "Tooty Fruity Booty," about women who have a blatant disregard for personal hygiene, but insist on going to clubs looking for men.

"Good Ol' Days ties in with this song because it is the place where everybody likes to hang out," Roeser said. "There is always that woman who everyone avoids and she wonders why."

The sort of toilet humor interlaced in Roeser's song may not appeal to everyone, but he said he sees it developing a trend with the 12- to 30-year-old demographic.

Roeser said creating a hybrid of pop and R&B music through a comedy platform is an easier way to gain a following and have fun while doing it.

The video was posted in early March and has about 50,000 views on YouTube.

Roeser said he plans to perform live soon.

"In order to fulfill my dreams as a person in this world, I have to work on myself," Roeser said. "I hope by the end of this year, I will have hit it big."

This article was published in the Forsyth Herald April 10, 2013 edition