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City of Cumming and Forsyth County to swap funds in IGA

April 01, 2013

There are two parking garages that will be built for the new courthouse and jail expansion. On March 26, Forsyth County and city of Cumming entered into an agreement to swap funds. The city will give the county parking garage funds and the county will give the city parks and recreation funds.
CUMMING, Ga. — In a swap of funds, the City of Cumming and Forsyth County are working to enhance parks in the city and complete purchase of land for a parking garage.

Because the city has special-purpose local-option sales tax money dedicated for a parking deck, they want to give $5.3 million to the county to help build the two parking garages planned for downtown Cumming for the new courthouse and jail facilities that are under construction.

"The county will use the $5.3 million for acquisition of property, design, construction and related street improvements," said County Attorney Ken Jarrard.

In exchange, the city's agreement wants the county to provide $4 million that will go toward the enhancement of city-owned parks.

The parking garages will be built on Castleberry Road and West Maple for 220 to 250 car slots and another will be located off East Main and Mason Street neighboring the Forsyth County Administration building for about 430-480 car spaces.

The city will use the $4 million dollars of park bond funds to enhance their parks and recreation, said City Attorney Dana Miles. The county will use the city's SPLOST parking funds to build the two public parking decks.

In the future, the county and city will work together in case there are expansions needed at the facilities.

This article was published in the Forsyth Herald April 3, 2013 edition