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Community shares their Christmas memories

by Teresa Choe

December 26, 2012

Henry Zeidan, 65, who teaches at area universities and high schools, wished for peace of mind this year. Without hesitation, he said his favorite holiday memory is being with his children when they were young. TERESA CHOE.
Prinisha Bhatt and her father Priavin Bhatt say their favorite part of the holidays is being with family. Prinisha says, "I wasn’t with them for nine years. This year, we went to the Governor’s Mansion, but we also go shopping and eating together."TERESA CHOE.
Christine Mullins, 18, said she remembers her favorite gift: an iPod when she was in sixth-grade.TERESA CHOE.
Faye Silverman, 79, reminisced about being 12 years old. She drove to her best friend’s house and helped her family decorate the Christmas tree. "There were ornaments, and we’d dance and sing and fall down," she said. TERESA CHOE.