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’Hooch debaters tops in nation at Michigan

December 10, 2012

Chattahoochee High School debaters Viveth Karthikeyan, interior left, and Andrew Lockwood, interior right, stand with some of the hardware they have taken home as premier high school debaters. Congratulating the debaters are Principal Tim C. Duncan, left, and their coach Garrett Abelkop.
JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – Chattahoochee High School debaters Viveth Karthikeyan and Andrew Lockwood just finished the strongest semester the 'Hooch debate team has ever had. As a team, Hooch KL (Karthikeyan and Lockwood) finished first place in the nation at the University of Michigan tournament and the Ohio Valley tournament – both with undefeated records.

Earlier in the season, they finished in the top two across the country at the Greenhill tournament in Dallas, Texas, and finished in the top three nationally at the Glenbrooks tournament in Chicago.

Out of 54 debates at these tournaments, Karthikeyan and Lockwood won 51 of them – an unprecedented accomplishment.