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Science gets big at Kelly Mill Elementary


October 30, 2012

Fifth-grade students at Kelly Mill Elementary take notes about Earth science.ABBY BREAUX.
Fifth-grade students with Trinity Science Solutions and the Big Canyon Balloon.ABBY BREAUX.
Trinity Science Solutions explains erosion with the "I Like to Move It" song. ABBY BREAUX.
Laurie Henry tells the fifth-graders to create layers with their hands to demonstrate deposition.ABBY BREAUX.
Fifth-grade students pretend they are sand eroding and depositing into the water. ABBY BREAUX.
From left, Laurie Henry and Sam Skipper explain that the rock is rough and rugged, just like him. ABBY BREAUX.
Fifth-grade student Jordan Layne adds "Flow" onto the labels during the demonstration. ABBY BREAUX.
CUMMING, Ga. — Kelly Mill Elementary fourth- and fifth-grade students discover something bigger than they imagined.

Trinity Science Solutions introduced their 15-foot tall "Big Canyon Balloon" to the students on Oct. 24 at the school's gym, 1180 Chamblee Gap Road in Cumming.

Trinity Science Solutions demonstrators Ginny Rushins and Laurie Henry used the Big Canyon Balloon to teach Earth science in a fun and innovative way.

Students participated in learning about weathering, erosion and deposition as they took part in creating landforms including a canyon, delta and barrier island.

"Children are tested on this material and this demonstration is interactive so they remember it better than just reading from a textbook," Rushins said.

This week has been a grand opening of the Big Canyon Balloon in Forsyth County. Trinity Science Solutions is a Texas-based program and this is their first time in Georgia. Later, the science lesson was taught at Whitlow Elementary and Sawnee Elementary schools. Organizers say they hope to spread the lesson to other counties in the state.

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