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Aldo Nahed
BBQ in Cumming is top notch

by Aldo Nahed

July 30, 2012

CUMMING, Ga. — Could Cumming be as famous as Memphis or Kansas City when it comes to a saucy selection of top-notch 'cue?

A website that ranks places to live and visit,, released a list of the Top 10 Best BBQ Cities Surprisingly Great Places for BBQ.

Guess who made the list? Yep. We did.

Much has been written about the smoking, saucing and rubbing going on in places like Memphis, Austin, Chicago and Kansas City those cities by which all other barbecue is measured.

So for their list of the best places for BBQ, editors purposely strayed from the herd, instead concentrating on those lesser known cities with a large and loyal local barbecue fan base.

To narrow down the list, editors looked at the number of barbecue restaurants, joints and shacks in a city, as well as the quality of those establishments based on customer reviews and in some cases, a little messy hands-on research.

"We wouldn't take the easy route of listing the usual suspects," said John Hood, a spokesman for the website. "Instead, we'd go mining for those gems that the rest of the country might not yet have discovered."

What put Cumming on the top 10 list is its ratio of barbecue restaurants to residents. There is a barbecue restaurant for nearly every 1,000 residents (based on numbers from Yelp and the Census).

It just doesn't get much easier to find 'cue than that.

And while the restaurants may not have national prestige, locals rank them mouthwateringly good.

In November, Cumming will again host the National BBQ Cup. The winner of the pro-division of this Kansas City Barbeque Society sanctioned event can pocket $4,000 in prize money.