Unemployed & Alone

October 28, 2010 | 08:59 AM

When I go grocery shopping the employees at the stores are the only people I have a "conversation" with for days. A simple hello from a kind employee has brought me to tears. A smile and a kindness has had me sobbing in my car.

Unemployment is embarassing. Long term (two years) is worse. Over 55 years old is even more humiliation, added to that is being a married couple "laid off" within a week of each other. We are both professionals in our fields with education and experience. We spend eight to ten hours a day every day sending resumes, applying for jobs, making calls and anything we can think of doing to find a job. Any job.

We have no health insurance. We have savings to live on, and we have never carried a balance on a credit card. We have a credit rating of 786. We have always lived within our means and now we know the benefits of putting off large wanted expenses (new furniture, travel) until we can truly afford them.

We have done without. No dinners, movies, new clothes, fun stuff.

We don't have family in the state and we don't have friends here. We have each other.

We have tried to volunteer throughout the two years and have been "put on the list" to be called if needed.

My reason for writing this is number one to vent, but a close second is to tell people that unemployment is lonely and scary. The smile, the friendly hello, the kindness you show to a stranger may indeed make the person's day.

If you have a job, be thankful. If you are unemployed I am sorry.