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report print email Source: Editorial: Letter to editor: Moving sacred Memorial in Roswell a disgrace to Vets
Faces of War Memorial and the City Green(less)
June 04, 2014 | 07:31 PM

I was present when Mayor Jere Wood called Mr. Henderson a liar. I was stunned but not surprised since he called me a liar at the Open Forum on the fifth Monday in April.I was reminding the Veterans, who were present, to not get complacent and think that their sentiments and grief that they shared with us had made a difference to the Mayor, Council or the DDA because it didn't. The Mayor ranted, threw a temper tantum and screamed that I was lieing. He turned off my microphone and left the room. I concur with Mr Henderson, the City Green might be the new Orange...after all the Vietnam Veterans are now dying from the effects of Agent Orange which was used to defoliate trees and forest. And that is what the city is trying to do with this gift of an urban forest - except now they are calling it a City Green. Remove the trees, move the Memorial and everything will be allright...because when was the last time you heard anyone say " let's find a place where there is no shade so we can get together"? I, too checked the definition of covenant and one of the examples was God's covenant with the Israelites.
I sure hope they got a copy of that contract. I have created a design for this property (I am not a professional)but I worked with an architect that achieves many of the goals of creating a more user friendly space but my plan removes only 6 trees, leaves the Memorial in its dedicated place and moves the WWII memorial to more dignified place. I was given 3 minutes to present my plan last week. The DDA side got 117mins. Seems like something is going on with this plan that doesn't pass the smell test.

janet h russell
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