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report print email Source: Editorial: Georgia’s new weapons law – what is it, how does it affect you?
June 03, 2014 | 11:17 AM

JK...pls pls pls educate yourself. Georgia is 10th in Gun Murders per 100,000...Illinois is 22nd. Care to know the top 10?? DC, LA, MO, MD, SC, MI, DE, MS, FL & GA....gee where is NJ, NY, MA, OH, PA, CT?...So basically, now that you can carry your gun anywhere in GA, do you really expect that rating to go down?? Common sense, especially for someone who lives in Milton..are there really a lot of gun carrying crazy drugged out criminals in Milton?? Education my friend. Its nice seeing the list of places that won't let you in now if you have a weapon growing...good luck being a hermit

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