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February 28, 2014 | 12:40 PM

Ok heres the deal. All southerners or anyone as a matter of fact. Should be allowed to celebrate there heritage. It is not right that other nationalities, religions, races, creeds, etc... are allowed to celebrate there heritage and southern white americans are considered prejudice just because they want to celebrate their heritage. But it seems like since white americans are the bad guys in the south we shouldnt be allowed to celebrate our southern heritage. When the simple fact of the matter is, that is not a prejudice thing. It simply our heritage that we were born in the south. Thats our heritage, besides why wouldn't decendants of the freed slave's want to celebrate the same heritage because they were freed from s Their ancestors were freed and thats something to celebrate also. Do i agree with people being enslaved? NO I do not agree with it no matter what the race was or is. What people need to do is get off the racial bus, and try to come together as a nation. If all men (and women)are created equal according to the word of God, which is what this country was founded on. If everyone agrees with this then why cant people celebrate there heritage without controversy.
So are people who oppose the tag or celebration of our sothern heritage saying there better than others? Why don't you ask yourself this question.

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