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report print email Source: Editorial: Alpharetta mom turns in son for drug possession
Really! who is really wrong???
January 21, 2014 | 07:25 AM

It is unfortunate that this mother felt forced to call the police on her own child. It is obvious that this kid and the buddies were going to attempt to sell. (i.e. scales, baggies, and cash) so these kids are actually getting off light. The problem stems from the parent not doing their job years ago. Single mom or not (We don't know that answer) this kid has been breaking rules without consequences for a long time. It appears that this kid's mother has been protecting him from the consequences of his actions for most of his life. Poor management on the part of mom "" sure, but you're not in her shoes. What has she attempted to do to stop this??? Could have been a lot, could have been nothing!we just don't know the rest of the story. I personally feel that she did what she felt she had to at the time "" but I also feel it could have been prevented if she had done her job years ago. Bottom line here is this kid is 18 years old and involved in illegal activity. He made a conscious choice to do this and therefore, by his actions, agreed to the possibility of getting caught and took the risk anyway. What if the neighbors had called the cops? Would that have been the kids fault or the mother's? Reality is that it doesn't matter who called, what matters is - the kid made a choice and now he get to live with that choice. If you choose to own & drive a car you also choose to suffer through high gas prices. This 18 year old, eligible for an "˜Adult Record' chose to do something illegal and therefore also choose to live with and arrest if he was caught. If mom had made better choices over the last 18 years, she wouldn't have put in the situation of choosing to call the police on her own kid!no mother would make that choice if she didn't feel it was the only way. Throw the ignorance at the kid, but in her shoes you may have called the cops on your kid too! I hope all comments are from parents and not those who have never had the privilege of raising a child into adulthood.

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