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I miss you reag
January 08, 2014 | 01:34 AM

Reagan was a dear friend of mine and I'm in such shock that he is actually gone. my prayers go out to his family and close friends to Reagan, like my self at this time. Reagan was one of my close friends he was in a couple of my classes at school. he was such an amazing guy. honestly if you personally knew Reagan you would say the same. we should remember Reagan by all of the positive things about him and his life not what happened to him and his mistakes he made, Reagan was a Christian boy who loved Jesus and his friends more than anything. yes I do think that Reagan made a huge mistake and I wish he would have out more thought in to it before he did it because I know he would've regretted it, because regan loved life. he would always have a smile on his face at all times no matter what. he was such an energetic and outgoing person who was full of life. Reagan was such a blessing in my family's, my friends, and my life. he was such a precious gift from God. it makes me so sad that we will never know the real reason why he did what he did, but all we can do now is pray and know that he is in a better place. for all you mothers out there asking why he had access to a gun is beyond me. honestly is it really any of your businesses why he had access.? no. it's not so I personally think it is very cruel for you to comment on the situation when you have no idea what your talking about. reag was a hunter he liked to hunt animals with GUNS.. that's exactly why he had access to a gun. I really wish people would think before they comment. especially if you didn't know Reagan personally. anybody that knew him personally could tell you how wonderful of a person he was. so if you mothers and others could please stop commenting about the situation about how he got the gun and what not. it's rude and so inconsiderate to even be bringing that up right now. Reag I miss you so much I just wish that we could have made more memories together because you were such a pleasure to be around. you always made me laugh and always knew how to cheer me up. Reagan I think of you like a brother to me it's so upsetting to me that you are no longer here on earth with all of the people that love you. my mom also misses you so much, but she's happy you're in a better place now with no more pain. Reagan because we miss you so much regan so much. I just wish you could see how many people actually care so much about you and I wish you could see how many peoples life's you impacted. we just all love and miss you so much. say hi to the big man upstairs for me. I can't wait till the day I get to heaven so I can finally see that bright and big beautiful smile on your face and I can't wait to just hug you and hold you tight in my arms again. I love you so much Reagan. I will never, NEVER forget you sweetheart. you will forever be in my heart. xoxo

close friend of Reagan/CHS student
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