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Crime Rate Looks To Be Going Way Up ...
December 04, 2013 | 02:04 PM

IMO (Pete) Amos county commissioner HAS to go. It seems that our commissioner for district 1 has no interest in holding the sheriff department accountable for the spike in crime. As a tax payer I DEMAND accountability! This picking and choosing of what crimes get reported is ridicules. We need total transparency, and a weekly report made available to the public. While I applaud the sheriff department for their push on the drug problem, I feel they may have lost site on the crime that deprives Forsyth citizens of hard earned property .. Come time to vote, I will not be supporting good ole boy Pete, and will gladly donate to the person who runs against and wins this seat . I also encurage other citizens of district 1 to open their eyes and take note of the HUGE crime surge we have going on . Anything that is not nailed down is going. Fellow citizens need to wake up before we all become victims.

Jim Holbrook
Coldwell Banker
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