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Radio System
November 08, 2013 | 12:43 PM

FedUpWithPolotics, how about fed up with Motorola? Sandy Springs was sold a radio system by Motorola, with no regards for a competitive process. The M.O. for this manufacture is to sell a slick system for what seems to be reasonable, then to make it work, the price escalates, my the millions. Great work NFRRA, you'll be paying for your own 700 MHz system the Fulton County 800 MHz system. Same county, two expensive Motorola systems. Now where does this $800K number come from for 200 radios? Let's see.....Motorola? It's time to look at competitive solutions, Motorola did not invent two-way radio, but they would have Mr. McGannon think so. Mr. McGannon needs to look around the RF landscape to see that there are other "Solutions" that don't begin with Motorola.

Bruce Earp
Johns Creek
Coldwell Banker
Johns Creek Montessori School
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