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JC Supporter--it's NOT ONE INCICDENT!
October 24, 2013 | 12:00 PM

It is so far from true that there is "one situation where John Kachmar lost his cool". That simply is not true.

I relayed to Randall Johnson back in August a run in with John that I experienced. John used foul langauge almost identical to what he admits he used on October 7th.

I never complained about John to anyone other than Randall until after October 7 when I e-mailed Randall and reminded him of our conversation and MY concerns previously with John's lack of professinalism.

I know, and council knew, of John's background issues from South Carolina. Those issue include ethical and legal lapses, an assault allegation that went to trial against a 14 year old child. To be clear in that case, John was acquitted. BUT, the facts show that the police produced evidence that the child had red marks on his neck. The judge in the case would not allow the prosecution to introduce those pictures and acquited John not based on the facts that the case was untrue but instead "because there was no ill intent nor was the child harmed". Seems like the Judge said pretty much "No Harm, No Foul"!

Undeniably, as a City Administrator John admited touching the kid and telling him to shut up. Of course, at the time John blamed his SC woes on a "political witch hunt". He refused to take responsibility--much like today.

Also, John was the subject of a whistleblower lawsuit that claims he retaliated against a city employee who was merely trying to help that council save taxpayer money. The allegation was JOhn was witholding information in order "to embarass the council".

Last point about John HISTORY--did you read the story? From above:

I would appreciate it if you could express yourself with words other than the curse words that were used in the meeting of Jan. 8. I find them offensive … I have found the message that is trying to be delivered can be lost in the delivery of the message itself," Regus wrote. "Or the focus of a meeting can turn on the behavior of the person cursing …"
This is from Alpharetta City Manager, Bob Regus

I apprecaie that you may like your boss but the fact is he has a documented history of anger, ethical and legal issues and HIS MOST RECENT OUTBURST should be the final straw--Vote for whomever you wish but whoever the new council and mayor may be, they must deal with John Kachmar and demand his resignation.

Chris Cupit
Johns Creek
Coldwell Banker
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