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2-4 yrs until relief is considered "Priority"?
October 01, 2013 | 01:58 PM

Relief, per the County, is estimated to be 2-4 yrs away. I do not consider this "priority" relief. However the county defines "priority", the Commissioners must not approve variances involving more dense developments OR they must require developers to put in turning lanes - even if they are temporary!

We sent an email to John Cunard, Forsyth Engineering Director and Tom Brown, Planning Dev. Dir expressing our concerns. Brown didn't bother to respond however Cunard responded 9/3 with the 2-4 yr estimate in the following email:

The construction funding for the Union Hill Road/Mullinax Road widening project was in SPLOST VI as a B1 project. Since those funds were not collected due to those possible revenues being received the funding is now in SPLOST VII as an “A” project. SPLOST VII began July 1st of this year and will run for 6 years. A schedules for all the transportation projects will be developed as soon as a cash flow is available. I would estimate that construction funding for this project will likely be available for it to begin in two to four years. Right of way acquisition is ongoing on this project and will likely be complete over the next year. We’ll then be ready for construction when the funding is available.

As you know, the proposed entrance for this development is on Windy Hill Drive. A left turn lane would not be required on Mullinax Road for this development as it would be considered an offsite improvement and would not be warranted due to the impact of this development as required by County ordinance. Along with the widening project turn lanes will be provided at the intersection.

Required improvements of each development are independent of each other based upon impacts, zoning conditions, ordinances, timing, etc. The plan and the need for the widening of Union Hill Road/Mullinax Road was partly with the anticipation of not only these property being developed but other properties along Post Road, State Route 9, and other areas that will also produce traffic that will contribute to the existing traffic issues along this and other corridors.

Please let know if you have any additional questions for me.

Beth Tipton
Coldwell Banker
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