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August 07, 2013 | 02:23 PM

Yes, I have been to Turkey as I am sure millions of others have. I have also enjoyed international trips to other countries. So what? We have a varied and rich world to explore and I would encourage everyone to broaden their horizons and experiences whenever possible. I fell sorry that you are obviously so xenophobic. It's truly sad.

Second, it is true that the middle charter school ultimately defaulted on its bond debt, but that is what happens when your charter is denied by the county and state and there is no school to operate. Prior to that, for 10 years, the school paid all its bills, saved a healthy emergency account of approx. $750,000.00, and had a BBB Fitch rating. It was never at any time during the 10 years in the red. Further, there was not a single audit that could find any financial improprieties, even though one Fulton County audit was over 4 months long. The county tried really hard to find something financial and absolutely failed. I would say that really it was the county and state that caused the default, because if the charter had been renewed then they would have serviced the monthly payment and there would have been no default.

Third, I think it is pretty egregious and naïve on your part to accuse politicians of taking bribes. Which politicians would those be exactly? I would love for you to actually slander them by name and then have them file suit against you. It is always easy to stand behind a fake name and make generalized accusations, so that the less informed public can take up your cause out of fear.

Forth, if you really want to cast stones or accusations around about not servicing the needs of special needs children, then I think you should look to Fulton County Schools. Fulton County Schools and their administration are the ones that allowed the physical and mental abuse of many special needs students and then initiated a serious cover-up to hide the evidence. One student ultimately died. Maybe, you should investigate that. A court of law found Fulton County Schools guilty.

As for the school, their RTI plans, smaller size, the safe non-judgemental environment, and more focused individualized teaching style is the reason for their success in improving special needs student's grades when they were previously just a number and lost in the public school system. FSA MS's partnership with parents and the care that they showed those students is another reason for their success in this area.

Fifth, I am not a Gulenist. I think your trying to label me with some kind of name that indicates a certain religious affiliation and then trying to attach some kind of negative connotation to it does nothing but prove your prejudice. You really need to seek counseling.

After research, I have found that Mr. Gulen is a Muslim imam and teacher. I don't think he has his own religion and after reading about him I think he would be insulted to hear you insinuate such a thing. Dr. Charles Stanley is a Baptist preacher of equal renown. I don't think Christian schools that are opened are negatively accused or labeled as being Stanleyist.

Really it is immaterial and a completely erroneous accusation, since FSA Charter Middle School was secular and taught no religion. Upon closing, less than 30 out of over 500 students, were Turkish Muslims. Further, not one parent in 10 years ever claimed or accused that their children were taught religious or political ideology of any kind beyond what was prescribed in the Social Studies standards. You really need to stop making false accusations and insinuations.

As far as dancing in Turkish, I didn't know that was a style. Further, not once in three years did my child ever participate in dancing of any kind. My child also took Spanish, not Turkish, for his three years at FSA Middle School and came out with a HS Spanish credit. There were more Spanish teachers and classes than any other language taught at the school. To say you really need a fact checker is an understatement.

Lastly, I am not paid and I have never received compensation for my opinion or volunteer service. Nor am I anyone's puppet, as my husband and anyone that knows me can definitively attest to. However, as you do not know me you will just have to take my word for it.

I hope your conscience will one day stop you from spouting such ugly nonsense and lies. It is just wrong.

Go fight real issues not imaginary ones.

Angela Lassetter
Coldwell Banker
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