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Lets be honest Ms. Lassiter
August 07, 2013 | 12:21 PM

Ms. Lassiter, I do hope your recent trip to Turkey was a delightful one. We have seen the different Gulen sponsored groups tour our country up until the recent civil unrest.
First I want to inform you that we have been watching this and Fulton Science Academy not only has witnesses but an audit of Grace Insittite (another Gulen operated front) When your MS was denied its charter for very good reasons, you went on the usual rampage as the "American" voice for the Gulen Movement. Which by the way is nothing new or novel. You then lost and became a private school.
Secondly, what transpired next was a default on the Wells Fargo Loan of $19 million which was prosecuted by Wells Fargo, fell into a foreclosure sale which was then picked up by your buddies TruGlobe investors for a mere $3 million.
Lastly, The high school was slated to close, the local Board of Education - working on behalf of the interests of American children, taxpayers had enough information on self dealings, past teachers came forward and in fact filed a lawsuit against the school, testimony, etc.,
Then in the usual Gulen style, they thought bribing with trips for the politicians, or taking this to the State board of Georgia would give them a reprive. In fact, the state kicked the can back to the community.

From what we understand the community (besides you of course) doesn't want this school. As an American, it is unfortunate you don't see or refuse to see how the Gulen Movement has manipulated a few students, parents and politicians and bypassed good standards of education. Incidently, they care less about Special Needs students and only want to focus on those that can further their agenda - they praise them with awards and low and behold American children who got C Ds at traditional public schools are now somehow getting straight As and told they will go to College (also on the Gulenist's dime)
If speaking Turkish and Dancing in Turkish is important for your child than continue at this school but do so as a private school.
Incidently, did you hear that the judge in Minnesota just ordered their Minnesota School of Science to be closed because they (Gulenists) asked 42 parents of Special Needs Kids to not return.

Maybe you should think about asking your buddies to service the Special Needs students (if they know how) instead of manipulating the numbers to appear that their students are some sort of scholars as they claim to be.

Angela Lassiter, get a life and open your eyes. You are a puppet of the Gulen Movement and no doubt a paid one like Dr. Rose Ebaugh, Dr. Jill Carroll, Karen Hughes PR Firm in Texas et al.

Good luck, when the community is against you, your battle becomes uphill. You make it out that the board of education is evil or incompetent or somewhow jealous of Fulton Science when that is untrue.

Coldwell Banker
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