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report print email Source: Editorial: Starbucks bans smoking 25 ft from stores
July 05, 2013 | 06:22 PM

"The intent of the policy is just to provide customers with a healthy environment in our outdoor seating areas," Riley said. "We will really focus on the property we own or lease, we're not going to try to infringe on other company's spaces."

It would be nice if that they clearly marked the distance from the doors, getting yelled at by employees for sitting at the store next door or outback at the loading dock is getting ridiculous... claiming 25ft from the door in an open arc is extreme, even when they DO NOT own or lease 25ft of store front from the door placement, I think the employees need MORE training on this one. And if I am vaping on my e-cig that vaporizes a liquid like a glade plug-in (nothing burned, how many here have plug-ins at home?) with or without nicotine, because I can do both, it shouldn't offend, I don't think a coffee vape or atomic fireball smell is that offensive, and it usually takes people a long while to figure out what it is. With a cigarette its instant, you get someone yelling in your face about second hand smoke and the like, where they drive for an hour on ga400 or in traffic with windows up and recirculation on, god knows I love breathing a continuous fresh flow of exhaust from the traffic around me in a trapped confined space and yell at me about second hand smoke?

yes smoking is bad... we ALL know it, its a life style choice, being fat or obese is a lifestyle choice (unless its a thyroid issue based on how many carbs you need to shove down your throat while you sit at your desk, I don't want to hear it), drinking is a life style choice, which starbucks now sells too... and the list goes on.

I agree with everyones post here... it makes sense in all arguments, I visually find the obese and rather large offensive, but I didn't raise a petition to ban them for visiting the starbucks I'm at, NO, I go outside and sit with my back to the windows, watch traffic, maybe catch an accident or two then head home.

Oh well that's my two cents, I just wished they would clearly mark the distance from the door.
(BTW the camera work isn't bad, just wish the white tank tops face was more in frame and not her bust, didn't know if it was going to be a soft core shot)

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