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24% Impervious Surface Coverage restriction only goes ignored ag
July 02, 2013 | 01:46 PM

Yet again We read what this and other "Re-Zonings" portend of such high "Density" being allowed to progress within "It"... : ?

With nary a mention of "It" whatsoever from those "Stewards" of the various Counties and Municipalities charged with it's implementation... : ?

The Big Creek "Small" Water-supply Watershed Overlay imposes a 24% Impervious Surface Coverage restriction construed to protect that "Watershed" which provides every third-cup of Water to the City of Roswell, yet here and again and again what consideration short of NONE - much-less HAS-BEEN - is being given by the regions "Stewards" charged DIRECTLY with Its implementation... : ?

This Land-Use "Overlay" - stated "Shall" in directive BTW - construed in the interest of expediting compliance of those objectives set-forth in the Clean Waters Act of Congress throughout those Counties and Municipalites that harbor the Big Creek Watershed ~ Yet what-of-it truely becomes implemented for TOMORROW when densities the likes of THIS become allowed implemented TODAY... : ?

Inarguably a form of "Taking" ~ that-is SOMETHING from SOMEONE on behalf of providing SOMETHING for SOMEONE ELSE ~ perhaps it's time-overdue that "Municipal Water Service Providers come-to-pay for that "Taking" construed to rather benefit THEIR "Enterprise System" ~ perhaps in the form of subsidies becomming paid-BACK to those having made the concession(s) - those "Development Interests" cum PROPERTY OWNERS having actually made the sacrifice - being someday "found in-compliance" otherwise and afterall... : ?

Looking forward toward what "Landscape" We're sure to procure for having otherwise IGORED "It" ~ "Water" being worth more than "Gold" in terms of sustaining Our existance ~ why-not!?!

Jack Gleason
Johns Creek
Coldwell Banker
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