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Property damage is a crime
June 13, 2013 | 12:55 PM

This isn't a "racial" crime (islam isn't a race, it's a religion and political system). It's not a hate crime (nothing is, crime is crime). The crime is property damage. And we have laws that protect property owners (people or businesses) against such damage.

These laws are based on our constitution and the beliefs of our founding fathers. Our constitution grants us the right to life, liberty and property. Without strong property rights, we can't have a civil and free existence.

Our constitution (referred to at founding as the Baptist constitution) calls for freedom, liberty and justice for ALL. Freedom of and from religion. Freedom of association. Freedom of belief. Freedom of speech, even speech we don't like.

The people at the Islamic Center have a right to their beliefs and to buy and maintain property where they can congregate. While we all have the right to criticize each others beliefs, even in ways that vilify each others beliefs, we do not have the right to destroy each others property nor do we have the right to attack each others "person", that is bodily attack. We cannot deny the other of their right to life, liberty and property.

I hope the person or persons who damaged this property are 1.) caught and brought before the justice system or 2.) go to the people of the North Fulton Islamic Center, apologize and offer to pay to replace the sign or do the work themselves. I also hope the Islamic Center will do as we Christians are called to do by Jesus and our God, to forgive.

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