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report print email Source: Editorial: Fulton County closes Crossroads schools, cuts 74 jobs
Doesn't make sense at all
April 25, 2013 | 08:40 AM

I see so many issues with this decision.

County was managing these schools and they say results are not good. So obviously they did not do a good job then. So the solution is outsourcing it because there will be more flexibility and innovation.

Seriously!!!! This is crazy! Fulton County School System is charter system and they have all the flexibility they need in the whole world. Why did you become a charter at first place if you don't want to use your flexibility and help these children????

Let me tell you the real reason behind this decision. It is simply a way to save. The focus is not on academics. How do you expect more success when you reduce spending per students from $25,000 to almost $6000. There is no way.

The only benefit is that Fulton County School System will save some more money. They don't care about students. They care about their funding. They act like politicians but not like educators. Read the above news again and see. Linda Schultz is a politician nothing else....

Robert Avossa is a mediocre superintendent just like any other broad superintendent graduate he use corporate tactics for education.

Public and journalists need to seriously investigate all the biddings and spendings of Fulton County. If they are not using all these funding for our students then what do they do with it!!!!!!

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