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Not So Ridiculous
April 16, 2013 | 07:17 PM

When these convenience stores and "smoke" shops put profits above the safety and well being of our county's children it becomes not so ridiculous. This has nothing to do with the government trying to make money. I can, pretty confidently, tell you that generating revenue is not the goal of this initiative.

In addition to the bongs and other items used to smoke pot, crack, meth or spice, we need to ban those little red roses sold in the cute glass tubes. I don't know about the masses, but I wouldn't present a tacky little rose packaged in a meth pipe to my loved one. I know, call me stuck up! LOL I'd like them to add scales and distribution tools to the list of banned items.

If these merchants were responsible and didn't put profits above our kids then I wouldn't be supportive of this initiative nor would I have brought it forward in the first place when I was on the Board of Commissioners. There is no use for drug paraphernalia, synthetic marijuana (spice), bath salts or ephedrine packaged as vitamins in our community. None whatsoever.

Patrick Bell
Coldwell Banker
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