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report print email Source: Editorial: Wells Fargo sues Fulton Science Academy after $19M default
Let me correct this
February 06, 2013 | 03:15 PM

Ergen, I do not know who you are and never heard of your name in the community before. I am not sure if you really know what's going on. You should do more research before you blame anyone. Frankly, what I am thinking is that you are either lying or you are trying to defame this school.

You have inaccurate information.

If Fulton County did not approve it, Fulton Science Academy would never get that bond. For you to say FSA knew the closure but still signed the bond simply not true.

How could you even think Fulton Science Academy, a county charter can get 19 million bond without approval of the County. FSA has the documentation showing county's approval. This was before renewal.

Here is the truth: Fulton Science Academy operated with $7,500 per student, received incredible results including blue ribbon, had $750,000 surplus, had 700 people on the waiting list, got triple B rating and got 19 million bond to construct a beautiful campus using the same $7,500. Let me rewrite that using the same $7,500. This is an incredible achievement story.

Think about it more and you will find out how what FSA has accomplished could be a threat to a system operating with much more money than FSA and further using extra millions of taxpayer money to build schools.

What FSA has achieved was incredible. Really, think about it before blaming anyone unless your intention is only to put blames but not to learn the truth.

By the way, the bond issue resolved and the land was sold yesterday. Soon, there will be a beautiful Fulton Science Academy building raising there.

You can lie so much but truth will always prevail.

FSA Staff
Coldwell Banker
Johns Creek Montessori School
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